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About Weld

You might tell yourself there is nothing simpler than a wheel for your performance car and if you are a sports enthusiast you know nothing could be farther from the truth. Performance racing wheels are complex products that need to be designed, engineered and tested with precision so that you the customer, can feel confident in your selection and most importantly safe on the road or track and that is why the team at LMPERFORMANCE wants to introduce you to the WELD products.

WELD has a long history in the aftermarket performance industry having been founded as far back as 1967 by Greg Weld, an outstanding Sprint Car driver, who having been unsuccessful in finding a combination of strength and performance in wheels that met his requirements became determined to make his own wheels and the rest is history and thus the start for the illustrious company and its founder.

One contributing factor to their success is the fact that their engineers have available to them more primo design, engineering and testing tools than any of their competitors affording them the ability to create and engineer wheels from 10” to 26” in diameter to fit a consummate number of applications. The WELD engineers know a wheel can be too strong in some areas and also know that the removal of mass in that area spreads the load more uniformly across the surface creating a product that in its entirety is much stronger. With this in mind, WELD engineers have as their goal making the wheel as strong as required for the expected use but with as light a weight as is possible and as safe as possible.

Another unique aspect of the WELD racing wheels are the three dimensional contours that are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also serve the exigent task of spreading the load or minimizing the “hot spots” And to assure you their customers of the best, WELD tests every new wheel not only on their specialized computers but also in their in-house destructive lab. The multiplicity of tests conducted are designed to try to break the wheels and rims thus finding out how much pressure a new design takes. WELD is determined to design a forged performance wheel for its consumers that is best-in-class in all the essential characteristics of weight, strength, RMOI, concentricity and of course eye appeal and it is this determination that makes WELD the leading manufacturer of forged performance wheels and rims.

In the ensuing years since 1967 the WELD company has continued to grow and has never wavered in their search for unparalleled strength and speed in their products. In order to enhance their product line they acquired CCW, a sports car wheel company and one of the leaders in forged road racer and tuner street wheels and still wanting to give their customers even more choices they acquired HIPER TECHNOLOGY so that they could manufacture carbon fiber wheels. Always looking toward the future the company decided to merge with the MOMO AUTOMOTIVE GROUP a world renowned industry leader with a long tradition of quality and technological innovation.

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