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About Skunk2 Racing

Are you the proud owner of a sports vehicle like the Honda Civic Si, the Acura ILX or some equally outstanding sports car and are you looking to add more power to this great machine? Then let us introduce you to a company whose job it is to design and manufacture cost-effective aftermarket parts of only the finest quality for a car like yours . This company is none other than SKUNK2 RACING, a company housed in a state of the art facility in Southern California with a proven history of success.

Longevity is often the measure of success in any business and especially in a competitive market like the high performance parts industry and SKUNK2 RACING is certainly representative of that having been in the business of providing you with performance parts as early as 1994. And then just a year after its inception SKUNK2 RACING began introducing high tech engine parts such as camshaft gears, cast aluminum intake manifolds, downpipes and other impressive parts. It is understandable that SKUNK2 RACING is considered by many in the industry to be the leading United States manufacturer of high-performance parts for sports cars when you examine their history in the racing arena.

SKUNK2 RACING stays involved in the racing venue and has been able to secure drag racing and road racing records and championships and these experiences have provided the company with the information needed to help them produce high-performance parts for its racing enthusiasts. Dedication to excellence, avant-garde designs, the use of advanced metal alloys, cutting-edge manufacturing methods and stringent quality control measures are the keys to the success SKUNK2 RACING has enjoyed.

The team at SKUNK2 RACING are a dedicated and experienced crew of industry leaders, racers and racing enthusiasts who are determined to make things go faster and to do it in the most advantageous way. In order to accomplish this goal SKUNK2 RACING provides its employees with innovative computer simulation and modeling techniques so that the job is done meeting the highest of industry standards. To further assure a finished product that is both cost-effective, durable and of superior quality SKUNK2 RACING performs a multiplicity of tests before making a product available to its consumers.

If you are looking to add power to your turbo equipped sports car then give some consideration to adding an aftermarket downpipe by SKUNK2 RACING. These downpipes are generally larger in diameter and use a high-flowing catalytic converter or no catalytic at all plus they bolt on to your car’s turbine housing and serve the purpose of helping to direct exhaust gases through the rest of your exhaust system. Removing your OEM downpipe and replacing it with a performance high flowing unit allows your car’s turbo to move gases away from the turbine and create more power and we know you want that.

But SKUNK2 RACING designs and manufactures more than just downpipes and they have in their repertoire things like CNC-machined, adjustable cam gears, billet camshafts, throttle bodies, exhaust systems, coil-overs and a multiplicity of superior quality accessories. Take a look at the quality parts available from SKUNK2 RACING for your sports car and find the part that can make a difference in your car’s performance.

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