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About Extang

Need valuable tools and equipment for the job and want to protect them when you are away from your truck? Want protection from rain, snow and the sun or just want your truck bed to stay clean and ready for those home improvements jobs? Then think truck bed covers for the perfect solution to all of those problems. There are certainly a vast array of truck bed covers on the market to choose from but choosing the right cover for your specific needs is paramount and choosing a company that manufactures a top notch cover is undeniably important.

That is why the team at LMPerformance is so impressed with the EXTANG truck bed covers that are designed and manufactured with excellence of product as the first company concern. Having a potpourri of patents certainly speaks well of a company’s ingenuity and drive and EXTANG holds more patents than like companies and as a result it is number one in North America when it comes to the sale of truck bed covers.

As far back as 1982 EXTANG had your truck in mind when they began designing truck bed covers with their unique features and styling and they continue designing and producing truck bed covers with innovative features and designs to satisfy their ever growing customer base. The joining of EXTANG and Truck Hero, Inc. in 2007 further enhanced their product line and allowed them to give you even more choices.

Just take a look at one of the impressive EXTANG products, the EXTANG EMAX Tonno, a soft tri-fold product, with a convenient folding feature that allows immediate, full bed access and that comes with the exclusive Speed Klamps, Weather Truff Seals and an impressively strong frame and you will see why an EXTANG truck cover might be right for your truck.

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